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Take a look at some cases that our computer forensic detectives have solved. Chances are that one of these will be a similar situation to what you are experiencing. Click here for computer forensic stories. Mobile Forensic Investigations More data is left on a cell phone than you might think. We can uncover deleted text messages, web site history, deleted photos, GPS location information to tell where someone has been and when and much more. Also, there can be a complete timeline of events that can be recovered.

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Forensic investigations can be done on almost any handheld device and the most data can be found on an iPhone or an Android phone. Click on the highlighted link for more information on an iPhone forensic investigation or on this link for an Andriod forensic investigation.

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Passwords can also be recovered or bypassed on most mobile devices. Private Investigation You may suspect activity outside of their computer usage and be in need of cheating spouse investigation services.

Our fully licensed private investigators can help you find out what you need to know. We can conduct surveillance, document their activities and provide you with a full detailed report.

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We offer a full suite of private detective services that fit within any budget, including surveillance, background checks, skip tracing, and phone number lookups. You may be asking, "How can I find out if my boyfriend is cheating? We even provide sex decoys to setup love stings.

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  8. In these cases a male or female decoy will act as bait for the subject and then we provide you with the results. We provide live decoys to bait a cheating spouse as well as virtual decoys to uncover what your spouse is doing online. If you suspect your mate is cheating and you want to find out just give us a call.

    If you suspect that your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife is cheating on you, please make sure that you tell us everything you know about the situation. So, how can you tell if your husband or wife is cheating on you through social media? Our Las Vegas divorce attorneys recommend you look for the following signs.


    One sign that your spouse is being unfaithful is that they are frequently changing their social media passwords. Has your spouse changed their profile picture from one featuring you as a couple to one of just them, and done their best to get pictures that indicate they are married off their front page?

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    Like frequent password changes, noticing that your spouse is regularly erasing their online history is another sign that they are hiding something from you, such as making contact with the person they are cheating on you with, or looking for someone to cheat with in the future. However, these are merely signs that you should look into their activity further to discover the truth.