Cheating spouse regrets

It's important to recognize, however, that although your feelings may be different than your cheating partner's, it doesn't mean your partner doesn't have negative feelings about cheating -- they'll probably just not show them in the same way. Burying feelings or explaining away their behavior is how cheaters live with themselves. The majority of men, and women, who cheat aren't bad people. They've just made a series of bad decisions. If you've been cheated on you might think I'm being too kind here.

But the truth is the majority of cheaters do feel bad about cheating. If you have been cheated on, however, you now have to think about one of the toughest questions in a relationship, do you leave after an affair or do you find a way to work through it? Was this post about how cheaters feel helpful? Get notified each time there's a new post by signing-up at the bottom of this page, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter where I post relationship and self-improvement tips just like this several times a week.

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Take the Partner Rater Quiz. By Dr. Something I don't think he ever thought I would do. Even though I know leaving is the right thing to do I still regret it. I have over 70 pages of text info one months cell bill. I have had this person in my home. Made her dinner. Given her gifts. I have seen his car at her house and he takes our son over there when he has him.

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He has not admitted to cheating. Until some things are settled I can't confromt him either. My question is this I know I simply need to focus on my son and me and our future together.

Surviving Infidelity

I need to move on. But I am so very sad. Somedays I feel as if he not only left me but took my soul and shattered it into a million pieces. I want him to regret and to hurt. I know I am going throuh a greiving process. That does not make it any better though. Thanks for reading and have a good day. I'm sure I will get a lot of haters for this post, but let me tell you that I already do enough hating on myself I am the rare 'cheater' coming forward and let me just tell you that I live with guilt and regret and hurt every day.

Knowing what I did changed not only my life forever, but a man who I loved very much, and the impact it had on both our families is something that can bring me to tears almost on instant. I gave up on things and should have given my all to work on our marriage instead of just throwing it away. My life will never be the same It has not even been a year since our divorce and I just hope that in time I will be able to forgive myself and change my way of thinking. I don't know who I was then and why I did it I was missing some things in my relationship and freaked that this was going to be the rest of my life in unhappiness I question things every day of my life.

I know being on the receiving end is a million times worse.

click here I would take all the hurt away if I could. When I look back on things, it literally feels like my heart shatters and the tears are endless. I am extremely sorry for what I did and wish I could go back to change things. I SO understand what you are saying. My husband left under a very similar situation.