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The full effects of iMessage only work when all receiving devices are running the latest iOS. If not, then most of these animations get sent as static images. Effects only work on iMessage texts—the blue ones. And remember, iMessage effects only work on people with iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products. So if your friend or co-workers have an Android phone, effects do not go through.

Yup, this is an easy one to forget. Of course, iOS 11 brings along with it some new emoji. Yes, a picture is worth a million words indeed. Sometimes, iMessage users experience issues with predictive emoji not showing up. Often, the predictive text bar fails to display a corresponding emoji, so users are forced to find them manually. Usually, this means your phone number does not show a check mark next to it in the FaceTime app. Some users also report problems with delayed messages when using a VPN. Are you having issues sending regular texts from your iPhone or cellular iPad following your update to the latest iOS?

Try and toggle it off and restart or force restart. Several readers tell us that their iPhones are not sending text messages to their Android friends and family. Fortunately, one reader found a solution that worked for them. This workaround allowed me to send text messages to my friends and family members on Android. Hopes this helps you too! When sending a Message to your friends, for some reason that message ends up being delivered two or three times. This one is quite annoying and troublesome with messages not appearing in the order they are received or sent—making reading and following messages a nightmare!

Unfortunately, quite a few readers report they have problems with their texts showing up in the wrong conversational order, requiring them to try and sort everything out so the text thread makes sense. Several readers report that they are not seeing the back arrow to return to Message conversations after typing and sending a message. The only way to get back and see all messages is by closing and then opening the Message App—not at all efficient! Luckily, one reader, Jen, shared a great tip that worked for her: changing font size.

And reduce the size of your font. See if that makes a difference. Some users have this very annoying problem. This is more of a workaround, but it does work and mitigates the crashing problem. When she closed her open conversation threads, so only the headers are visible, her iPhone sounded text tones! Most likely, those messages are in your backups!

Check out this article on how to retrieve those deleted Messages from backups. Select Accounts, and verify that your email addresses are all listed. If not, select Add Email. There are now two ways of deleting things from message threads. This option opens up tick boxes next to every item in your message thread.

Check them to delete, uncheck to keep. Additionally, we can now delete information from more than a single thread using the Settings App. A lot of folks using iOS 11 report problems messaging people that are in groups. And it appears the same happens when searching in conversations for a contact, iOS shows you all the group messages first. Then click on the iCloud Contact App. In left side menu at the bottom, click on the gear and choose refresh Contacts.

Our reader Willie reports that this works—but only temporarily. So you need to refresh your iCloud Contacts on the iCloud website frequently. Group SMS messages do not support multimedia attachments. Some readers also report that they do not receive group messages from their Android friends! Then try sending a group text or ask a friend to send a group text to you.

For most of her professional life, Amanda Elizabeth Liz for short trained all sorts of folks on how to use media as a tool to tell their own unique stories. She knows a thing or two about teaching others and creating how-to guides! Elizabeth received her Master of Fine Arts degree in media making from Temple University, where she also taught undergrads as an adjunct faculty member in their department of Film and Media Arts. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. How to turn off the ding notification when someone does or haha to a text message.

On my phone every shows up with like. New text message and dings. Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to turn off message notifications just for likes and other user feedback to messages. The only way is to turn off notifications for all messages including new messages and likes etc. But this is a great idea to send to Apple Developers. Consider submitting your feedback to Apple using this link. Why in a group message if someone likes, loved, laughed etc etc….. Very Annoying……. Also my new iphone 8plus did not transfer all contacts from old iphone. Yes old phone was backed up before transfer.

However, on a few occasions when I receive them from my coworkers, I am asked if I want to report the messages as junk and I am not able to respond. They are from other people but not from my phone. I have checked with a few different people and they have each told me the same thing.

How do I fix that? This is very unusual behavior. Check with your mobile phone company and ask them if there is anything like this on your account. If you have this setting, toggle it on. If this behavior continues, do a few more tests with friends or family and verify that notifications are active on their phones. If you can replicate this behavior with multiple people and verify that they are set up to get your notifications, contact Apple Support or better yet, set-up an appointment at your nearby Apple Store and show them this behavior in person.

So i held the text and sent it as a text message and since then I have not been able to text her in anyway whatsoever. Normal text messages arent even working anymore and i have tried everything that every website or video has told me to do and nothing has worked. What made it even more curious is that when I went to info every picture she had sent was there to the beginning of the thread.

Has this happened to anyone else or has anyone heard of this happening?? I ve read tips, etc. Nothing is working for me…HELP please! You can name only group iMessages, not MMS group messages. I experience this more on the MacBook than on the phone, but trying to send messages from the MacBook is a feat nowadays.

The message is sent, even says read and then immediately not delivered. I have rebooted, I have all devices set to iMessage but yet it keeps happening. If a solution is located somewhere in the mountain of suggestions above please someone point it out. Some readers also experience this issue. Unfortunately, we do not know of a universal solution at this time. There are certainly a lot of details to take into consideration when troubleshooting iMessage. Why do I receive text notifications from some people but not others. Any reason??

Nice post. I learn something more challenging on different blogs everyday.

SYNC 3 Text Messaging - SYNC 3 How-To - Ford

It will always be stimulating to read content from other writers and practice a little something from their store. Natually I? Thanks for sharing. We kept our numbers, porting them from our old iPhone 6es to the new phones at the Xfinity store. We are of course now using Xfinity Mobile service, taking advantage of their current low introductory rates for even one or two lines with unlimited calling, texting, and data. My new iPhone X has worked great from day one.

The phone number was grayed out and there was a spinning circle, not a check mark, by the phone number. Over the last week I have probably spent 24 working hours trying to resolve this problem either via my own research and tinkering or via multiple visits and consulting with multiple experts at both the Xfinity store and the Apple Genius Bar. Their investigation systematically eliminated all other possibilities.

But the real Hero here was a second-level one level up from the frontline support tech at Xfinity Mobile support named Robert who was able to diagnose and fix the issue from afar within an hour of my case being escalated to him. There is no menu on the phone to do this. Once this blocking was removed from my account by Robert at Xfinity Mobile, the iMessage and FaceTime functions activated within a few seconds. Tom, Thank you for this detailed feedback.

We are sure this will be helpful to scores of folks who switch carriers and find themselves having issues with iMessage or Facetime. I can no longer receive or send images using messages after recently updating to ios Instructions on how to correct please. When anyone on my contact lists sends me a text message it says they are not in my contacts and asks me if I want to report their message as junk? First time I seen this how do I fix it? Please i need a soluton to this on how i can easily switch from the message box to either sending by iMessage or SMS rather than going to settings all the time.

Mind you while i try holding down the Blue iMessage color to see option of send as sms ,it does not appear. Its not even in the siri suggestion box. Is this normal? Hello, I recently upgraded to Any suggestions, or just having knowledge of others havin the same problem, would somewhat relieve my nerves. We have seen several user reports of similar behavior following iOS 11 updates.

So you are not alone! First, make sure your device is connected to your fastest WiFi network. Toggle it off and then restart your iPhone. This removes your stored WiFi passcodes so have those available to re-enter. Once these reset and you connect to WiFi, test again. IPhone 6 just gets slower and slower with every update.

I have an iPhone 8 Plus. On iOS I tried a variety of recommended fixes and nothing worked. I hope this helps others out there having issues! Thanks for sharing your tip about issues with images in Messages. What a strange one. I have an 8 plus with IOS.

They can only go away after hitting dismiss on my lock screen. However the senders message does not appear in their message thread and they appear different than the normal banner on the lock screen. Kerry, We have never seen this issue or had people report it to us before. They may be able to provide additional guidance.

Are these texts SMS or are they coming via iMessage? Please remember that this option will not erase any of your data or photos etc but will reset some setting preferences such as Wi-Fi information and other settings prefereces to default and you may have to set it back again to your preferences. Good Luck and keep us posted. We would love to learn about this one!! A first for us. When I RECEIVE a message on iphone 8, see the message on the home screen, and press the messages icon to respond to the message, instead of the newly received message popping up, the last person I SENT a message to not the person who just sent me a message is the first image that pops up.

In haste, I often answer the new message and send to the wrong contact that is the last person I had SENT a message to. Any idea why this occurs, and is there a fix? After reading a message when I tap the arrow to go back to all messages it does not go back. I have to close out the app and keep trying. Please help. Now open Messages and press that link again for playing Game Pigeon—see if it shows up this time.

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Since updating the message app does not make the swoosh sound when sending but received messages have nit changed. Each time i try something i send message to myself and receipt sound always occurs but send sound never does. Today my iMessages from my MacBook Pro are sending from an email address of mine, where it used to send from my phone number. Since updating to the latest version What can be done to fix that?

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Different name display on the message with same number almost on all messages. What am i gonna do to fix this? Sorry, you are having trouble with Messages. Your problem sounds like an issue with your Contacts—perhaps duplicate contacts or problems when merging two or more contact lists together. Is there a fix for that? Any help would be appreciated. I am using Gmail as my default contacts list in settings.

Does anyone have a fix for this issue? Started seeing the word Maybe in front of contacts I sent messages to in iMessage. Does anyone have a solution for this? My default contacts accounts is gmail. Running latest version on iOS on iPhone 8 Plus. This is probably the Siri Suggestion feature. Your iDevice probably received a text or email from a number or email address from a name that you already had in your contacts list—it could be a duplicate, a new email or phone number, or from people who have the same name.

Your iDevice is trying to help you identify your callers and email senders.

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Text messages are no longer appearing in time order. Why is this? How can I fix it? Have forced quit of messages and relaunched, no success. The field where I reply to m texts in iMessages disappears chronically on my iPad Pro. Everything else still works fine, I just have to force close iMessage and reopen to get it to come back. I wiped and setup my iPad as a new one, still same problem. I have discussed with Apple support many times, no resolution. Sometimes while I am typing a reply to an e-mail, the text I am typing gets blocked and cannot correct orthographic mistakes or insert text in the text I have written.

It started after upgrading to ios In iPhone 7. Any clues on how to fix the problem? This issue began to occur following the update into High Sierra from El Capitan. Is there a way to keep a thread in but delete the conversation in Messages? Do you want to delete part of a conversation or the entire conversation? After the latest update, once I send a text, what I just wrote appears again in the text box, as if I were to rewrite it in a new message. Does this make sense? Hard to explain. Is there a way to delete all the messages but keep the thread? Hello I have an Apple I phone 6 and just did my upgrade to I have to go back to contacts find that friend again, then hit, send message , then maybe it might go to my keyboard to send a message.

What the hell?! It just did it when I hit the message box to send a pic from camera roll too! Not exaggerating- TEN seconds! Please help! Apple released an iOS Update that addresses these issues. Remember to backup first before doing any update, even to a minor version. Any Suggestions on this? Sorry that you are having such problems with Messages in iOS If these features are already on, toggle them off, wait a few seconds, and toggle them back on. It might also be helpful to name your group and then send messages to that group.

Basically, you create a single contact listed with your group name and associate multiple emails with it. For example , , and so forth. I have an iPhone 6s Plus and there is a word stuck in my iMessage toolbar every time I go to send a new text message. How do I clear the texting toolbar? Probably the easiest thing to do is close your Message App to clear its cache.

Double press the home button or swipe up on the Home Gesture Bar. Then locate the Message App Preview and swipe up all the way off screen towards the top to close it. Then, restart your phone and open Messages again. It should be clear. How do I send an iPhone user text messages instead of iMessage?

There used to be an option when you press and hold but the new update has the reaction features thingy. When you want to send an SMS Message, type out your message and press the send button. THEN, tap on that same message right after you send it when the message is not yet received. Select Send as SMS. Scrolling just stops at a certain point.

The attachments and photos sent in the conversations are still there, however, so I believe the messages are still there but somehow not viewable. I back up my phone every night. Is this a known bug and does anyone know how to fix it? I have reset settings, turned iMessage off and back on and that has not worked. Thank you for any help you can provide.

I have a question how do I update the sticker apps. Can you help? Great question. And sadly, there is no one answer. First, if your stickers are associated with an app, then updating the app via the App Store also updates any associated stickers. Instead, you need to delete the sticker pack and reinstall it. To update sticker packs. If I want to send text messages I need to go to message app only but before ios11 I could able text anyone directly from my caller list or contact list directly.

Any solution?? I cannot make messages to any directly from my contact list or recent caller list. I updated to IOS 11 and ever since i get stuck in messages. If it hit it over and over and over and over again it will eventually let me out or else I have to close the app totally and come back in. I even removed my screen saver to see if it was blocking the connection to go back. Then I realized that I had another issue. The i information button does not work any longer. I starts a new message instead of letting me get to the info for the thread.

It must feel super frustrating. We want to cover the bases. If there is an update available, backup first and then update via iTunes if at all possible. Updating via iTunes often solves these types of problems, so if that option is there, update this way.

Next, check your font size to see if it was reset after the update. Adjust it to a smaller size. Also make sure Bold Text is toggled off. Restart your device and then check Messages to see if issue is fixed. Restart again. And check the Message app again to see if problem is gone. Thanks for responding so quickly to my issue. I tried to Reset my phone and restore from the iTunes backup as you suggested.

This did not work. Oh darn it! Last Saturday my messages stopped showing up. I sent a group message from another app. It went out fine, even got a reply. Then, within an hour or so, the following happened: 1. When I tap on the message icon, it opens, but there is no history. The list is completely blank. I type a message and then try to hit Send, but cannot get the Send function to work.

If I happen to catch an incoming text and press and hold, the text shows up with the history of previous texts. This gives me confidence that my texts are still there somewhere yay! I upgraded to iOS All the steps above the list of 11 things. None of them worked. You may opt-out of receiving FordPass emails by unsubscribing in the email.

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Sign out. Hi, ready to roll? Empty Garage Add your vehicle to easily find vehicle information, track your Owner Advantage Rewards and receive notifications. Solution Finder. Your Vehicle. Center Console. SYNC Technology. SYNC 3. Phone Setup. Text Messages. Set Show Notifications to ON. A dialog box will appear telling you that SYNC does not have access to text messaging from your device. Press Retry. SYNC will try to reconnect the messaging feature. If it is successful, you will see a confirmation screen. Run a test. Ask a friend to text your iPhone.

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I need a little more to go on here… What kind of Sync system do you have? How are you listening to your text messages? How what process do you use to send your texts? I have a Ford Escape so whatever it comes with. You can only push the Home button the large button at the lower center of the iPhone screen. To receive a message, push and hold the Home button to access Siri.

In both cases, when you are finished, Press and hold the Phone icon on your steering wheel. The Sync text message system was developed for Android phones. In future models of Fords with the Sync 3 system the iPhone will probably be almost fully integrated into the system commands. I do not have the touch screen. The Sync message capability is limited to phones that comply with the protocol, at present that is just Android-based phones. Sync was not set up to send or receive texts with an iPhone.

I have a Ford F and Iphone When I am in the truck i do not getting an audible notification when I receive a text. I get the visual notification on my phone but I do not get the audible sounds. Any help would be appreciated. Thats it. Message stays on the screen until you shut off the vehicle. Message never gets sent.

How to Pair Your iPhone 7 to Your Ford’s Bluetooth Through SYNC

Cannot receive text either. I have a I Phone 6 with the latest operating system. Need of help. I have check the receive notification button and tried all the resets. Ford is well aware that distracted driving can cause dangerous situations and possible accidents. Is the new apple software update compatible with Ford touch sync to receive messages? I should only be connected to one, correct?

The issue of text notifications on all incoming texts after the vehicles has been started has been a concern for many since the introduction of smartphones and in-vehicle bluetooth communication. The Sync 3 is app-based, so visit support. Everything works great with the new iphone I h ave a ford escape.

I have an iPhone 6. But wait for it… with the iPhone 6, at any time, you can press and hold the Home button on the front lower center of your phone. When you hear the beep, your Siri function if it is turned on will be at attention. With Siri you will be able to respond to the text by replying through Siri.

Turn your phone off completely and restart it every now and then. I have a f XLT and an Iphone 6s. Any ideas? I have a Ford Escape and a Blackberry Keyone android phone. All works wonderful, except the Listen notification screen stays on too briefly when a text comes in. How may i lengthen the time the screen stays on?

I barely have time to touch the screen to listen before it goes off. Thank you so much! You raise a great question. I am not familiar with the Keyone phone. However, I am familiar with the Ford approach for integrating technology into a vehicle. I think the point is to let you know you have a text and that you should respond to the text later.

I am unable to get text notifications on my Ford f with sync touchscreen. Calls pop up and I am able to answer them but for some reason the messages wont display or cant be read aloud. I have been told that I need to go into my phone Bluetooth settings and turn on show notifications but my phone does not have that option.