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Do you want to protect your iOS device and improve the performance? To do so, you're going to need Neptune - a powerful mobile security and system status app. Neptune is a pioneer in iOS security matters: The application detects your device's system and security state based on multiple test conditions. Neptune also provides system and general device information, such as memory usage, disk space, network details and detailed hardware information. We will respond to your query and if you encounter an issue, we will resolve it as soon as possible.

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Neptune: An Almost-Crazy Idea for Upending the Smartphone Ecosystem

Best 10 Photo Storage Apps Create a safe home for all of your images with the best photo storage apps. Best 10 Photo Recovery Apps Don't panic! Best Apps for Preparing for Your Bat or Bar Mitzvah When a young Jewish girl or boy becomes of age, they celebrate their bat mitzvah for girls and bar mitzvah for boys. Astronomers spy quickly evaporating planet GJ b, which could help solve an odd mystery about distant worlds.

This artist's illustration shows a giant cloud of hydrogen streaming off a warm, Neptune-size planet just 97 light-years from Earth. Among the worlds orbiting very close to their stars, the medium-size planets seem to be missing. But the fascinating new discovery of a so-called "hot Neptune" exoplanet that's quickly evaporating might provide a key clue to what's going on. And solving the mystery could help us better understand how distant planets evolve to become a little more like ours.

The catalog of planet-hugging, hot exoplanets discovered so far includes lots of gigantic planets like Jupiter and many smaller, rocky planets often referred to as "super-Earths planets up to 1.

This gap in the distribution of distant worlds is often called the " hot Neptune desert. It details observations of the planet GJ b, a hot Neptune that's shrinking times faster than a previously discovered disappearing planet of the same size. That's not a typo: "Only" a few billion years is a relatively short time when talking about the entire life cycle of a planet.

The researchers estimate that over a third of the planet's mass may have evaporated already. The idea here is that planets that orbit very closely to their stars are obviously hotter and can have the outermost layer of their atmospheres blown away by evaporation. So the reason so few hot Neptunes have been seen could be because they're rapidly evaporating and transforming into smaller super-Earths.