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Qustodio is user-friendly, efficient, and excellent for parents who are short on time.

How to Track / Find Your Child's iPhone Using GPS

It offers a dashboard that shows you all recent mobile activity for any connected device, including time spent on specific services like Instagram or Twitter. From there you can set time limits, track texts, filter out racy sites, and block any game or app. Plenty of customization options make it a great parental control app to use when managing devices for kids of multiple ages, and it also works on Kindle or Nook devices, which is rare.

The free version offers app blocking, time limits on games, and basic reporting.

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The parental message feature is a clever idea. It allows you to send out a message that your child is required to respond to before they can continue using their phone. Web Watcher. Family Premier offers parents a variety of features and makes it easy to manage all those options thanks to its clean interface.

How to Track an iPhone From an Android Phone

You can also set Norton to issue warnings for sites that you may not want to ban, but would prefer your kids be careful on — for example, you might want to discourage them from spending all their time browsing memes on Reddit. This feature-packed parental control app works with Android and iOS. Net Nanny. Final note: There are thriving teen forums online discussing all the possible ways to get around parental controls , some with highly advanced or sneaky tactics. You may also want to create a news alert for the software you choose, to help keep an eye out for any new vulnerabilities or workarounds.

Parents can track a child via a web site and can use the site to find a lost or stolen phone.

NQ Family Guardian :. Currently NQ Family guardian is free for 30 days and then requires a subscription fee. Cons: It is only available for Android phones, and user reviews suggest it does not work on the newest model Samsung phones running Android Jellybean.


Pros: SecuraPhone claims to use real time GPS monitoring and tracking to issue alerts on location and speed. A unique feature on the Android version of SecuraPhone prevents children from texting while driving. If you are looking for an app to help track your kids , the apps listed above should meet your needs. MamaBear child tracker app for Android.

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MamaBear child tracker app for Iphone. Can the child turn off the app when the want. One daughter has a iPhone well it work with my Samsung 9 And the other daughter has a Samsung 8.

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I have the nine. And need to keep track of my daughters.

Its great stuff for every parent who is far from their children. Thanks for sharing a piece of great information.

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Footprints : Pros: Footprints uses a wide range of iPhone functionality and includes specific location alerts. The MamaBear child tracker app is available free on Android and Iphone devices. New GPS technology is making smartphone based monitoring an exciting new option for parents. There are dozens of apps that can be used to track kids.

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Here are a few. Track Kids Apps. Written by: Robyn Spoto. Here Are a Few Options!